Training later in life - IF YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU LOSE IT!

We can’t avoid growing old, and yes, with it comes a decrease in strength and mobility. This is natural, but what is not natural is the extent that many of us observe this decline in ourselves, our parents, and grandparents.

Age should not be our excuse to stop moving and taking care of our physical health. If anything, age should be our cue to spend more of an effort to avoid this “natural” ageing process negatively affecting our day to day lives. We must actively seek help, gain knowledge, and put our fitness further up on the priorities list.

Many retire, or give up on active recreation activities when we reach a certain age. This often means our activity level drastically drops and therefore the rate at which our body deteriorates only accelerates. Maybe our ability to partake in certain activities we used to has become too much for us to handle. This doesn’t mean we should throw in the towel all together. Find an alternative way to keep moving. If we aren’t consistently moving our body and joints through natural range of motion, putting our muscles and tendons under some sort of strain, and challenging our cardiovascular system on a regular basis, then our physical abilities will perish.

A good fitness program for an older person noticing their strength, mobility, and overall fitness declining is one that can keep motivation high, is safe, challenging, and of course, improves, or at least maintains our abilities in each measurement of fitness. Many people shy away from pursuing their fitness due to being intimidated by the people or exercises involved, lack of confidence in their own ability, or think “that ship has sailed”. There are many programs out there that cater to you. Be patient in finding one that you can enjoy and see results in. Trainers can help scale movements and workouts to your personal ability to ensure results.

If you don’t use it, you lose it. Get active, stay active, and #FindYourFitness!