In our fitcamp program we incorporate bodyweight, weighted and traditional cardio movements to develop strength, conditioning, flexibility and coordination.

Fitcamp will improve your overall fitness level and help you feel more energised and capable in everyday life.

Tahi Fitcamp 6 Week Challenge

Tahi Fitcamp is designed to kickstart the less experienced athletes on their fitness journey. The programming will follow the same effective methods of CrossFit and we tailor each workout to your abilities!

Each session is adjusted so mothers/fathers can bring their babies to the class!

Classes: Monday / Wednesday / Friday at 10:30am

Price: 330.-/6 week challenge

Park Edition

During the summer months we offer outdoor Fitcamp classes.

Using the same methodology of our indoor Fitcamp, we go to a local park (currently Schützenmattpark) and work out in the warm evening or morning hours. Fresh air and good company, what’s better on a nice, sunny day?!